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IT Cybersecurity Solutions in NYC

Security, especially cybersecurity is a tradeoff between paranoia and convenience. Most of us cannot afford to implement the vast systems it takes to protect our digital assets on our own. Cybersecurity for the small to medium sized business is a juggling act between cost, convenience and suitability.

Take advantage of Technetium Group’s managed detection and response (MDR) services. A giant leap above just anti-virus and malware protection, this service monitors for anomalous system and user behavior and alerts us to any issues. (FYI – This is an extra cost) 

Gone are the days of just having a password. Today, with multi-factor authentication (MFA), phishing attempts on a daily basis and the vast amount of personal information available on social media, your employees need to trained and educated on how to use these new security tools and what to watch out for. Your employees are your front line defense in securing your company from hackers and malware. Talk to us about our Employee Training seminars.

Technetium Group will handle the technical side of cybersecurity as well, including